TangoChamps is a new tango reality

TangoChamps Tango reality

TangoChamps is a new tango reality, established in May 2020.
From challenges to championships and cups, in TangoChamps YOU are the star.

Who can compete?
Everyone can compete, from everywhere in the world.
Come as you are, or better yet, as you want to be. 😉
Whether you are a world-renown star, a professional or just a tango aficionado.
Regardless if you like to create your own choreography or you prefer to improvise.
Or if your are young or senior, from Argentina or China, same gender couple…
Everybody is welcome to embrace a new challenge.

TangoChamps competitions are solely online.
You’ll compete and be judged online on every round.  In other words, no need to fly anywhere or incur on any travel expenses.
Furthermore, many of the competitions will be organized regionally.
Which gives you the opportunity to shine and succeed in your own community, in your own backyard so to speak.

Join us today and find out why TangoChamps is a new tango reality.

What are you waiting for?
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