TangoChamps Rules & Info

Registration is now open.

Videos for SHOW and SOLO styles will be received until August 30th, 2020.
For SOCIAL style, appointments to record your “live” dance will be arranged between August 15th and August 30th.. Therefore, if you are competing in the SOCIAL style, you must complete your registration before August 15th.

TangoChamps Reality Show Championship

The contest will be organized through web deliveries via the organization’s channel. Dates and times of the deliveries will be established by the organization.  Competition will be divided into regions, styles and categories.


The Organization, based on geographical location, time zones and language, will group contestants into different regions, taking into account also the number of registrations received from each region.


Social: it will be considered Social style any form of dancing suitable for a social environment. Contestants will have to improvise “live” through Zoom or Streamyard platforms (view video requirements for social style) to the music provided by the organization. For participants advancing to next rounds, music will be different in every round. Judges will focus on dancer’s improvisational skills. The Organization at its sole discretion will determine if a dance can be considered or not social style.

Show: it will be considered Show style any form of dancing specially meant for exhibitions, stage performances or shows, regardless of where they take place. Contestants will send a video of their pre recorded routine (view video requirements for show style). The music for this competition will remain the same throughout the whole contest, but participants can modify the routine to the judges and coaches recommendations as they progress in the competition. The Organization at its sole discretion will determine if a dance can be considered or not Show style.

Solo: reserved for “solo” participants. Both roles are welcome. Dance props are allowed (view video requirements for solo style)


PRO: All the participants are professional dancers, teaching, performing or in others ways, making their living through the dance.

AM: All the participants are amateur dancers. They only dance for fun or as a hobby.

PRO/AM: Any combination of the previous two. Reserved for teachers or PRO’s dancing with their students or an AM dancer.

When registering, contestants will state the style and category they wish to compete in. They will also declare in which region they permanently reside. The organization, based on its sole discretion, will have the power to assign competitors to categories and regions, to maintain the competition’s fairness, render the event possible or for organizational purposes. This decision will be final and unappealable.

Rounds & Repechage

Competition will take place in different rounds.

First Round

For the first round, competitors will send a first performance video of their dance. Videos must comply with video requirements for the chosen style (see video requirements). Competitors will also send a short personal video (Max. 1 min.) introducing themselves and their story (see introductory video requirements). Failure to submit videos on time or not compliant to video requirements will result in immediate disqualification.

The performance videos will be then reviewed by the judges. During that process judges can allow participants to complete their dance, or “buzz them out” at any time. 3 buzzes will terminate the reproduction of the video and eliminate the participants from competition. Competitors with less than 3 buzzes will have the right to advance to the next round.

Before advancing to the next round, at least 2 judges will give feedback to competitors, providing advice in how to improve their dance. The organization will then assign a  coach/coaches  to the participants, whom, via video conference, will give a more detailed input on how competitors can enhance their dance solving the issues addressed by judges.

Competitors will then have some time to work on the “corrections” after which, they will send the organization a second performance video, officially entering the Second Round.

Second Round

Along with their second performance video, competitors will be required to send a “second” personal video (Max 5 min.) commenting personal experiences about the competition, impression of the judges and coaches, and whether they think they have improved or not for this second round.

Performance videos will be then submitted to judges for evaluation keeping same procedure of first round.

3 buzzes will terminate the participation of performers at which point they could or could not receive feedback from the judges. Less than 3 buzzes will move participants to the final round.  At least 2 judges will provide more detailed feedback for the advancing contestants, after which they will be assigned a coach/coaches by the organization. Coach/coaches could or could not be the same as in round one.

At this stage, participants can have a longer video conference with their coach/coaches, with more explicit and detailed advice and they will be given a period of time to work on their dance, after which they will send a FINAL performance video to the organization, officially entering the Final round.


During the first two rounds, participants who did not “make the cut” could still be “saved by the audience” and advance to the next round. Audience can save 1 participant per program via “likes” to the participant’s dance posted on the event’s Facebook page. The Organization will establish a period of time through which the contestants could accumulate “likes”. The one with more “likes” will advance to the following round.

Final Round

Along with their FINAL performance video, participants will be interviewed (via Zoom or Streamyard’s platform) by the hosts of the event. The organization will brief competitors about the interview details.
Final performance videos will be then submitted to judges for evaluation. In this round, all videos will be played entirely, and judges will present a score sheet.

Participants with the highest score will be then declared “Winners” of the contest and receive final feedback from the judges and the organization.

Video Requirements

Unless otherwise stated by The Organization videos should comply with the following requirements:

Show & Solo Styles:

Send your videos until August 30th, 2020.

Videos of the routines must be shot in one unedited and uninterrupted take, from an audience view point. Dancers must remain entirely within video frame for the duration of the routine, except for beginning and ending.

Videos must be shot in .mp4 format and at least HD quality (1920 x 1080); with plenty of light, preferably daylight making sure most of the light comes from the front allowing proper visibility. (Please see examples here).

If using your phone to film, do it horizontally and not vertically.

Videos not complying with these requirements will not be admitted and participants will be disqualified.

Judges will focus on the quality of the dance and any other circumstance relevant to the competition itself.
The video quality will not be taken into account by the jury.

Send videos through email, using wetransfer platform if needed to: [email protected].

Social Style:

Complete your registration before August 15th so we can record your “live” dance before August 30th.

Participants will be given an appointment to dance “live” (via Zoom  or Streamyard’s platform) for the organization. At the time of appointment, participants will be ready to be recorded, with a camera set up meeting same criteria as for Show Style videos, plus a way to play the music sent by The Organization. Music should be loud enough to allow participants to dance to it while being recorded live. The organization will record the session. Videos obtained in this way will serve as “performance videos”  for the competition. Dancers advancing to second and final round will arrange further appointments, to produce new videos for each one of the rounds. The Organization will determine which music the participants will be dancing to, at their sole discretion.

Introductory videos:

First introductory video will be no longer than 1 min.

Videos must be shot in .mp4 format and at least HD quality (1920 x 1080); with plenty of light, preferably daylight making sure most of the light comes from the front allowing proper visibility. (Please see examples here).

If using your phone to film, do it horizontally and not vertically.

Send videos through email, to: [email protected].

Let the competition begin and good luck everybody!