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Competitions & Challenges


Are you famous among your friends for always being super creative?
This challenge is for you then!
Upload your own most creative tango sequence. It could be old or new, as long as it’s yours.
Tell everyone your story. The Jury will only judge creativity. Technique, quality of performance and looks are unimportant.
Registration to this challenge is completely FREE!
TangoChamps will donate U$1 per sequence to the prize money (up to U$500).

Are you ready?
Registration is open 🙂

Deadline: June, 10th. 2020


Whether you are a world-renown star, a professional or just a tango aficionado. Regardless if you like to create your own choreography or you prefer to improvise. Or if your are young or senior, from Argentina or China, same gender couple…
Everybody is welcome to embrace this new challenge, from everywhere in the world.
Come as you are, or better yet, as you want to be. 🙂
TangoChamps is a new tango reality championship where YOU are the star.

Do you have what it takes?

Registration is already open.
Video deadline: July 31st, 2020. If you are competing on SOCIAL style, please complete registration before July 15th, 2020


Are you absolutely mesmerized with a famous routine?
Are you the #1 fan of a tango star?
If so, you’re definitely going to love this challenge!
TangoRevival is about paying tribute to the stars we all admire and the best tango choreographies ever.
Learn your favorite celebrated routine and honor your idol.
Registration for this challenge is not available yet. Stay tuned and TangoChamps will keep you in the loop.


Are you a Step Up kind of movie fan? Or more of a Football or Soccer fan?
Do you always fantasize about having your own tango dream team?
The World Virtual Tango Cup will grant your wish and make your vision a reality.
Team’s participants will play both individually and together, creating group routines.
Gather your friends. Select your representatives. Make a plan. Design your own attire. And get ready for the competition of a lifetime.
Registration for the World Virtual Cup is not available yet. Stay tuned and TangoChamps will keep you in the loop.

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