Josefina Bermudez Coach

Josefina Bermúdez


Josefina Bermúdez began studying classical and modern dance at the age of 5. She graduated from the Contemporary Dance School, directed by the renowned choreographer Oscar Araiz; further dancing in his dance company for many years.
Her incursion into tango begins at the age of 11 and it’s tango that becomes an outstanding matter in her career; although, for a while, she’s alternated it with contemporary dance.
Since 2013 ’till the present, Josefina Bermúdez Avila is Fabian Peralta’s tango partner. Together they present a dance that is exquisite and refined, permeated by timeless elegance and yet amazing lightness and sense of humor. Based in Poland, they travel the world as teachers and dancers and they are currently considered in top 10 best tango couples in the world.